Change for Good Biodiversity & Business

The ability of the natural world to recover and repair itself is remarkable. Accompanied by the increasing conservation efforts of people all over the world, there is an extraordinary amount of potential for the future of all organisms to live in safety and harmony. There are many conservation success stories emerging around the world. The recovery of the Green and Golden Bell Frog is one of these stories. 

Above: Our Vibrant Vision By Dayna Perez


The Hunter and Central Coast Development Corporation envisions the Hunter region to be transformed from its industrial background into a beautiful landscape that blends the enriched natural environment with sustainably built communities. It’s a vision of remediation, of growth, and of vibrancy, where the people of this region can thrive alongside the beautiful world we call home. Our Vibrant Vision is a digitally produced representation of this transformation, and aims to inspire hope within the people around the Newcastle region that a beneficial change for our land is possible, and it’s right around the corner. 

Below: Managing the Green and Golden Bell Frog Habitat By Nicole Perez


This digitally rendered work is designed to demonstrate the various strategies that have been utilised to manage and conserve the habitat of the Green and Golden Bell frog within an industrial area. It particularly focuses on the efforts that have been made within the Kooragang islands, including the construction of a frog fence and artificial refuge and breeding ponds, as well as replanting native vegetation and the removal of invasive plant species.