The Cane Toad – a triple threat: predator, poisoner, and now impersonator

Cane Toads are known for being poisonous invaders of Australia's north-east. The toad was deliberately and somewhat foolishly introduced to control beetle pests of sugarcane in tropical Queensland. But the Cane Toad was not successful in its mission and instead became a victorious conqueror of a massive portion of northern Australia, spreading rapidly and mercilessly. A more novel threat has recently emerged - the well-meaning public mistaking native frogs for the dangerous pest and accidentally removing the indigenous species from the ecosystem. 


More than a third of reported Cane Toads actually turn out to be native Australian frogs. The Pobblebonk is considered one of the most commonly mistaken in NSW. These works aim to present these species to an audience and display their key differences clearly. Educating others to identify a Cane Toads is incredibly important in helping to preserve and protect native frog populations. 

Check out the Virtual Gallery for 3D images of Frog or Fake.

Artist: Jemma Gillard