Explore the Wonderland of BIOMES

The precision with which native biodiversity sits together in a complex puzzle of adaptive pieces - food webs, speciation, convergent evolution, competitive exclusion, symbiosis and other processes and systems weaves a beautiful patchwork of communities through our biomes. Explore some of nature's awe inspiring elements in this gallery of wonder.



Wetlands are simultaneously some of the world's most important biomes and most threatened. Water is vital to all life on the planet and wetlands provide natural collections of communities that produce oxygen, sources of the world's food and a diverse and beautiful representation of every kingdom of life. 

Artist: Jemma Gillard

Spotlight on Nightlife 


The world becomes a different place at night - animals that may never be seen in the daylight become active, plants behave differently and fungi relish the lights going out. Take a look at nature after dark in this animation depicting a nocturnal vista. 

Artist: Jemma Gillard

You hear them, but do you know who they are? Explore the power of the FrogID app in unleashing the secret world of frogs in your backyard.

Creator: Nadiah Roslan, Australian Museum